The Process

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The Process (Procesas)

  • GENRE: Psychological, legal drama (based on true events)
  • LENGTH: 90 Min.
  • DIRECTOR: Lilia P. Schneider 
  • LEGAL CONSULTANT: Lawyer Violeta Gasitoi
  • SHOOTING LOCATION: Moldova, Lithuania, France

Based on true story and the first case of Moldovan judiciary wherein a woman manages to revert the custodial rights of a mother despite all the fighting a rigged legal system.

Twenty-year old Nastia is standing on the sixteenth floor of a block house and is about to commit a suicide due to the kidnapping of her baby by her husband and his family after the couple split. A successful thirty-five year old lawyer Violeta receives the case on the table that several lawyers have quit before. She follows her intuition and all her knowledge to win the case but gets every time into a new judicial trap and fails. She then decides to bring mass media in game and suddenly unveils the hidden labyrinth of corruption where money has more power than justice. The lawyer’s case transforms into a fight of a woman for another woman and her child, a question of life and death. The lawyer and the young mother ally and bring all their forces together against a system on the national level in Republic of Moldova. When all the Moldovan courts seem not to side the female lawyer and a young mother, Violeta turns outside the country, to the Court of Human Rights based in Strasbourg. Within short period of time The Court condemns Moldova for not respecting human rights and rules that the child must be returned to the mother. Violeta wins the process, young mother reunites with her son only the time of four lost years cannot be returned.  

  • Producer: Kęstutis Drazdauskas, Anja Kruglova