The Oil Fund

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The Oil Fund (Oljefondet) (2018)

  • Country: Norway
  • Language: Norwegian
  • Release Date: December 2018 (Norway)
  • In Color

This is a comedy TV drama show centered around the Norwegian Pension Fund, affectionately called Oljefondet. The fund was created to invest the enormous amount of tax renevue from the Norwegian oil and gas industry.

  • Director - Harald Zwart
  • Producers: Veslemoey Ruud Zwart, Harald Zwart, Espen Horn, Terje Strømstad, Violeta Drazdauskė, Kęstutis Drazdauskas

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  • Thomas Gullestad
  • Marit Andreassen
  • Evelyn Rasmussen Osazuwa
  • Kathrine Thorborg Johansen
  • Gediminas Vilaniskis

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